The Impact of AI on SEO in 2024

34.bk The Impact of AI on SEO in 2024

The more content there is on the internet, the more intensively Google, as the world’s largest search engine, carries out eligibility selection. The algorithm is always updated and creates search results that are always different every time. That’s where many people are making various efforts to find the 2024 SEO prediction formula.

On every occasion, many SEO experts describe the conditions and behavior of search engines and SEO that they will encounter in the future. With the views of some of the world’s SEO experts, at least you can see the SEO mapping for the future, namely 2024. This is of course related to the SEO method that will be used.

What are the 2024 SEO predictions like?

What are the SEO predictions for 2024 actually like, are they not much different from the situation in the previous year? Here are some reviews!

AI Content

In 2023, various artificial intelligence tools will begin to appear. This AI tool is very helpful for doing various human digital jobs. For example, writing something, editing images, arranging a schedule, and providing other important detailed information. So what about SEO content? Can content be produced with AI?

  1. AI-produced content facts

It cannot be denied that AI plays an important role in digital activities such as photo editing, writing, etc. However, using AI as an article generator for SEO purposes still doesn’t seem possible.

Many SEO practitioners explain that AI is only a tool. AI is a machine that works with a kind of algorithmic formula (like how search engines work), so when it outputs results, the quality standards are like the ‘machine settings’.

This means that he will not be able to match humans when doing the same work as humans. What we do in using AI tools such as GPT chat is limited to this:

  • Title reference
  • Writing Framework
  • Light copywriting
  • Reference meta title and meta description
  • Look for technical information (how to) and factual information which will later be used as a reference source.

Even though our team uses AI tools for the activities above, that doesn’t mean we take the entire output without editing. We also do editing.

  1. Content readers are human!

What needs to be emphasized in creating SEO content is ensuring that the writer has the mindset that they are writing to be read by humans. If you have a mindset like that, then the writer will automatically adjust their writing according to the writing standards they hold, namely the human approach.

By writing content with a ‘human user’ approach, the resulting writing will have a more emotional side, the writing will be more interactive, and of course, it will be able to have a significant impact on readers when compared to AI products writing without editing.

Voice Search

In the future, voice will be as important as text, especially when it comes to searching with search engines. That’s why BERT was developed by Google.

BERT is a neural network-based technique for natural language processing (NLP) that helps Google understand context on a verbatim basis and then provide better search results.

With the incorporation of BERT into Google’s rankings and algorithms, it can be said that Google has taken a big step forward in making the way its search engine works better.

It is estimated that around 50% of searches will be voice-based, so typing will be reduced. This will certainly increase the number of long-tail keywords. BERT algorithm updates along with RankBrain will dominate as searches using voice increase.

Apart from Google, various other platforms are also trying the same thing, namely using voice search, especially about the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

For content based on natural language, such as conversational language, the content can be directed to the BERT algorithm. Meanwhile, if you expect your content to be detected by conventional algorithms, then you can create SEO-friendly content as usual.

Augmented Reality SEO

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that combines the physical world with digital elements such as images, sound, or animation, to create experiences that enhance reality.

In AR, the existing physical environment is enriched with digital information displayed on it or inserted into it. This technology allows users to view and interact with the real world enriched with virtual elements.

An example is an application like Google Maps that uses AR to display directions and navigation signs directly on top of your phone’s camera view, so you can see real-time directions while driving.

Implementing Augmented Reality (AR) in your SEO strategy can provide a unique and engaging experience to your website visitors, which in turn can improve SEO rankings and conversion rates. Here are some things about implementing AR that can ultimately support your SEO strategy:

  1. Improve user experience

With AR applied to websites, you can increase visitor retention rates. Satisfied and engaged visitors are more likely to spend more time on your site, view more pages, and return in the future. Google considers these criteria for SEO rankings. AR content, such as 360-degree images or videos, should be optimized for search engines.

Make sure your AR content’s relevant titles, descriptions, tags, and meta information are optimized for keywords relevant to your business or industry.

  1. AR content keywords

If your AR content is relevant to the keywords that users are searching for, then there is potential to improve your ranking in search results. For example, if you have a housing product, AR content that allows users to view environmental and building conditions can be very relevant to keywords related to housing.

Does Long Content Still Work?

Is the length and shortness of the content still a factor in SEO success in 2024? To be sure, there is no standard standard regarding how long article content is SEO friendly.

Various studies in the past have shown that writing long results in better rankings on search engine results pages. You may end up writing about a topic in detail with all the research content.

Is long content still relevant today?

The answer is: no. You will automatically have good content without sounding wordy if you implement your content creation strategy correctly. Try to cover all aspects of the topic you are writing about, without beating around the bush.

E-E-A-T Content

In 2022, Google will implement content with the E-E-A-T approach, previously known as E-A-T. Regarding this approach, you need to pay close attention to the website niche that you are targeting. E-E-A-T itself is:

  1. Experience

Content in the form of the content writer’s personal experience will certainly produce unique content because each person’s personal experience can be different. From that experience, the content can look different.

  1. Expertise

Make sure your content is focused on one problem so that search engines will find that your website has expertise in presenting information for a particular theme.

  1. Authoritativeness

Properly produced content, the right domain, and consistent work make your website authoritative. In this way, many parties will naturally recommend your website.

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