Everything you need to know about Google Analytics in 2024

Google Analytics

Google Analytics also known as GA, helps you to measure your traffic, leads and  transforming these data into an insights for you. Are you looking to master your Google analytic skills, if mastering your Google Analytics is something you are looking for, let’s dig in.

Google Analytics | What is it about?

Google Analytics is an analytics tool services offered by Google to tracks and reports website traffic tools. It is a free analytics tool offered by Google and launched in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin.

Google Analytics is the most commonly used web analytics by website owners to manages their web stats reporting. It has various functionality and features that enables the owners to gather the usage data and perform a top level analytics over the website status.

Measuring Data

You need to measure data before it enters into your google analytic account. Measurement is the basic concept you need to consider in Google analytics. You need to know how data gets tracked. Different methods of doing this include

  • Installation of tracking codes 
  • Google tag manager
  • You can use plugins  
  • Upload data into your account. 
  • The measurement protocol to track data in your google account. 

There are also different hit types that you should know about and also the scope of these hit types to send data in the right way. The hit types include; 

  1. Page view hit 
  2. Event hit 
  3. Transaction hit

Processing Data

Once the data flows into your Google Analytics account, it just does not get stored there. Instead, it goes through the processing engine, the rule engine of Google analytics. Here your raw data gets divided into sessions, user scope and also undergoes many filtering. It’s about the rules deployed by Google analytics. So, you should know about the processing engine, its works, and how you can manipulate it to make your data more useful. 

There are many configurations in the admin section, and knowing about these configurations to influence the processing engine is a skill that you need to master.

Data Exploration & Analysis

Once you have all the data in your account, you will probably have a question that you want to answer by the data, and this is where the concept of data exploration and analysis comes in. You need to know how to use all the tools available at Google analytics to slice your data perfectly and answer your questions. For example, data filtering, custom segments, visualization, or ordering of data in tables to look at the data in an organized way and then explore the answer to your question.

Custom Segments

This is probably the most important segment in analyzing the data. You need to know what segments are and how to build segments within a custom segment builder and slice the data to give you a perfect viewpoint. You can check the audience through search results, PPC ads, or social sharing. Scattered and unsegmented data does not make sense until you organize it in segments. So, you need to be able to use this tool very effectively.


When you go back to the grand scheme of things, you need to customize your Google analytics. There is a lot of customization on the measurement side, how you send on data, and the configuration side. You also need to know about the different feature sets of Google Analytics and customize the business or website you are working with. Everything configured correctly gives you clean data in your account to do analytics.

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