Let Fight Covid19 Together!

Lets Fight COVID-19 Together

The number of diagnosed covid-19 positive case are on the rise since the discovery of this virus, and the situation had been escalated with the changes or dorscon color and having the epidemic status to be changed pandemic which further denotes the seriousness of the virus outbreak.

We would need to do our part to stop the spread and further stopping possible creation of infected cluster within our community. Are current companies doing enough precautions to stop the spreading and containing of the situation? It’s a question mark on how long the situation will last and when it will further worsen. We would need to perform our best of social or corporate responsibility in containing and prevention of any further spreading.

Let Fight Covid19 Together

Digital Marketing Buzz would be running free campaign(90 days) for companies who shown interest in creating a safe working environment for their workers and creating awareness to stop the spread.

Broadcasting of safe working procedures as well as ensuring workplace are properly equipped with necessary items to prevent any possible passing of the virus and educating the correct practises to be administered.

However business continuity would be highly essential as organisation would still have running cost and overheads during this uncertain times. Information and communication would be of the essence in current demographics, there would be many fake or untruth facts circulating the online spaces to inject wrong perception and instilling a wrong mindset. We would be sending the correct info across the channels to ensure internal staff and even member of the public to have the true information and educating the correct procedures.

Information like self-assessment, social distancing, work from home, correct personal hygiene practises, knowledge of the virus, up to dates information on the global situation and things to look out and effective preventing measures. How to set up a safe working environment at workplace or at home, the differences between a stay home notice and medical certification. If you feel your organisation is lacking or could improve in creating awareness for the digital space on the current Covid 19 situation, you can play a important part in joining us in this campaign. We are seeking companies who pledged to contain and control the current situation before it gets into a worse level. With the support and helps we could all fight Covid 19 together.

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