Local SEO Case Study: Flower Deluxe

Local SEO Case Study: Flower Deluxe

Who is Flower Deluxe?

Established since 2000, Flower Deluxe has been in the flora industry for 21years and going strong.

They are specialized in fresh flower arrangements, with wide variety of artificial flowers and plants to choose from, which is suitable for both residential and office decoration. Their flora designer can design and provide creative ideas for your needs.

However they are not IT-savvy and they are being challenged by the nearby competitors which are getting stronger with their online presence. Being a Leader in their areas for so many years, but losing their strength and clients through the ever-growing online marketing, Flower Deluxe seek us to help them in getting their business online.

Our Solution

We discussed with Flower Deluxe to identify their objective for both long and short term, which allow us to plan and work towards their goals.

Firstly, we are aware that their competitors are gaining shares from the online presences. Customers are visiting their social platforms and website before coming to the physical store to either collect their purchases, or make purchases from the store.

Secondly, we took a SEO scan on all the competitors site to identify the strength and weaknesses of their site. From there, we can pick on weakness and find the right spot.

Base on the 2 action plans, we came up with a few solution for Flower Deluxe:

The Current Status (Updated on 25th Jan 2021)

Website With E-Commerce Function

We understand from Flower Deluxe and their needs, what kind of color theme and design they want.

We developed a website that display her flowers, and focus on the keywords she wanted for her business.

We noticed that their competitors all has a E-Commerce website which allowed their customers to shop online, so we also created the website with Shopping Model to allow you to sell their flowers decoration.

As A Result;

Their Online Sales becomes an additional channel income for their business a yearly SGD $30,000 sales.

Their online presence is doing well because of their e-commerce allowed a few payment method, which includes LOCAL payment method (PayNow).

On top of that, their shipping method also uses their own inhouse delivery, which allow them to provide their customers on a faster and cheaper turnover solution!

SEO Keywords Rankings

Once after their design is completed. We immediately helped her to post her website on Google, and did the necessary submission to all the domain. We moved into checking and preparing his SEO journey, tackling on these sections:

Website and Server Optimization

Technical SEO is the foundation of the whole SEO, as they are the primary scan of the website which will be the first consideration of Google.

They helped the Seach Engine Crawler to crawl around your website in a technically correct manner which is one of the reasons why your site ranks well even the others factors are not strong.

Such Features include:

  1. Images and Graphical improvement
  2. Mobile Friendliness
  3. 301 redirects
  4. XML sitemap issues

On Page Optimization

Next we carry out these activities to help Flower Deluxe to position their keywords on their pages, and products.

these some of the work we did for SEO tasks:

  • Optimizing the SEO meta keywords, title and descriptions
  • Improve the Images alt tags
  • Restructure the URL for Google to crawl and recognized
  • Implement the correct headers throughout their website

Off-Page SEO

Lastly, we do regular update of the technical back-links to increase the exposure of the website. Helps to brings real viewers to their website via back-links. This is an extremely organic steps as we need to find the correct media to refer and find for our clients.


This is how Flower Deluxe stands for their SEO NOW! With more than 150 viewers per month to her website and with 5% conversion rate to her website sales every month!

Woah Good Job Digital Marketing Buzz 🙂

They are also ranked first page of google for

florist in Sembawang

florist in Ang Mo Kio

florist in Yishun

florist in Woodland

Check them out by clicking on the LINK above!

Social Media Accounts

Their competitors are really active in their social media platform, which brings us to our next Local SEO strategy – Social Media.

We uses a few social media platform to improve her online presences and strategies her online posting strategy to target her local clients such as

Facebook (The Leaders of Social Media)

When we talks about Social Media, we will definitely mentioned about Facebook! For Flower Deluxe, we setup their Facebook page and Facebook Store in 2020 and placed their products there.

We also plan out the posting strategy for Flower Deluxe to ensure she kept her consumer engaged with her products and updates.

Google My Business (Local SEO)

As part of the digitization, we also created a few other Local SEO strategy to help Flower Deluxe in their Local SEO position. One of which is Google My Business, which we helped the following;

  1. Setup their GMB (To understand more on how to setup Google my business you can checkout one of our marketer works)
  2. Optimized Google My Business Account
  3. Upload their products and services unto Google My Business Account
  4. Plan regular posting strategy to manage their Google My Business Account

To find out more about Google My Business – Check out our 100% free Guide on how you can manage your Google My Business yourselves easily!

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