Understanding Long Tail Keywords and Tips for Applying Them

Understanding Long Tail Keywords and Tips for Applying Them

Digital marketing has a competitive landscape, so understanding search engine optimization (SEO) is very important.

Many SEO strategies are often used by businesses, one of which is long-tail keywords. This strategy is a powerful tool for increasing website traffic visibility.

In this article, we will discuss the concept of long-tail keywords in SEO. There are some tips that you can apply in optimizing them effectively.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are specific phrases that users tend to use in search engines. Be it in typing or voice search. Usually, they use these keywords to find information about something more in-depth.

Different from short keywords, long-tail keywords produce more detailed information. Because it reflects the original intent of the user’s desire. In general, these keywords have low search volume but high conversion.

For example, when you use the general keyword “digital camera”, it attracts more searches. Because the phrase used is very competitive.

Meanwhile, the long-tail keyword “best and cheap digital camera for beginners” is more targeted. Thus, users can browse the information more clearly.

In short, long-tail keywords are more specific compared to short-tail keywords. Therefore, the use of these keywords makes it easier to enter the rankings. However, it is less common to be used in searches. Because short-tail keywords are more competitive and widespread in search volume.

Benefits of Using Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords play an important role in SEO strategy. The reasons are as follows:

1. Less Competition

Long-tail keywords are less competitive than short-tail keywords. So it can provide a great opportunity for websites to reach high rankings in search engines. The competition is small, hence the effort need not be troublesome.

2. High Conversion

Long-tail keywords are more specific, so users will be more interested in clicking. Moreover, this benefit also brings users closer to the purchase decision.

As a result, long-tail keywords tend to have higher conversions than general keywords. Where short-tail keywords tend to be broader.

3. Increase Relevance

Please note that long-tail keywords have alignment with user desires. Thus, the use of these keywords can drive relevant traffic to the website. To improve their user experience and conversion engagement.

How to Implement Long-Tail Keywords

After knowing the explanation of what long tail keywords are, you should also understand how to implement them. Follow the method below!

1. Research Keywords

By analyzing search intent and user language, you can find the most effective long-tail keywords. So that the implementation of SEO strategies can run smoothly.

This method will involve understanding users when searching and why. In addition, analyze the terms or phrases that are often used in searching for their desires.

Efforts that can be made are to research and analyze search results about keywords. Not only that but also look at user reviews and feedback on websites. Be it for your website or other relevant websites. 

The point of this method is to utilize question-based keywords. So, form the keywords from the questions. For example “What is the best brand of body wash?”. These types of keywords are great for targeting specific questions from users. It is easy to use because it matches the language and intent of the user.

Once you’ve identified your long-tail keywords, it’s a good idea to use them on your website naturally. This can include content, meta tags, internal links, external links, voice search, and local SEO.

Also, make sure not to force keywords on the website page. Because readability and usability are more important. Therefore, check the readability first to avoid ongoing problems.

2. Internal and External Links

Utilizing internal and external links is one of the important aspects of implementing long-tail keywords. 

Internal links are directional links to your website pages. Meanwhile, external links are links that will direct content from other website pages to your website.

With long-tail keywords, you can signal the relevance of the page to search engines. Make sure to fill in the long-tail keywords into the anchor text.

3. Voice Search

Voice search tends to have conversational queries. So the language used must be natural. Therefore, long-tail keywords are very suitable to be implemented in it.

For example, instead of using the voice search query “flower delivery”, the user chooses the query “Where can I find the best flower delivery shop nearby?”.

For maximum voice search optimization, it is important to include long-tail keywords in the website and meta tags. Also, create schema markup with natural language. So that search engines can understand the relevance of the content on your website.

Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and the load time is fast. Because voice search queries are mostly done on mobile devices. Thus, you can reach more audiences and make your site more popular.

4. Local SEO

Having more specific phrases, long-tail keywords are often targeted for location information. For example, instead of using the keyword “shopping mall” users search for the long-tail keyword “best shopping malls in Singapore”.

This is done by utilizing location keywords in the content, meta tags, and page titles of the website. In addition, local backlinks are also needed to list the business in a relevant manner.

Google My Business page optimization also has the effect of increasing the visibility of the presence on Google Maps. Thus, long-tail keywords are one of the powerful strategies for attracting more customers for local businesses.

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