Page One in Google with More than 72 Palm Oil Keywords

MicrosoftTeams image 1 Page One in Google with More than 72 Palm Oil Keywords

Transforming with DMB.SG: A SEO Success Story from 2,000 to 9,000 Weekly Viewers

A Digital Challenge: Elevating

In an era where digital presence defines market success, faced a formidable challenge. Despite offering invaluable insights into the palm oil industry, their digital footprint was barely visible, hampered by outdated technology and ineffective SEO practices. This narrative changed dramatically with the intervention of DMB.SG, Singapore’s leading SEO agency renowned for turning SEO challenges into success stories.

Navigating Initial Setbacks: From CMS Woes to SEO Hurdles

Initially,’s digital woes were rooted in a CMS ill-suited for SEO, compounded by a lack of optimization for critical keywords in the palm oil sector. The site’s invisibility on search engines underscored the urgent need for an SEO overhaul—a challenge DMB.SG was ready to tackle head-on.

SEO Strategic Overhaul: The DMB.SG Blueprint for Success

Platform Transformation: Migrating to WordPress for SEO Efficiency

Recognizing the need for a solid foundation, DMB.SG spearheaded the migration of to WordPress. This strategic move was enhanced by implementing RankMath, optimizing meta titles and descriptions to make the site more search-engine friendly and improving its mobile responsiveness—key factors in Google’s mobile-first indexing strategy.

Content is King: Elevating On-Page SEO with Evergreen Articles

DMB.SG’s strategy included enriching the site with 12 evergreen articles, meticulously optimized for palm oil-related keywords like Analytics, Price, and Data. This content strategy, aimed at engaging readers, was complemented by LSI keywords to help search engines grasp the context better, broadening the site’s visibility for related queries.

Building SEO Connections: The Power of Strategic Backlinks

The backlink strategy, both on-page and off-page, linked to reputable industry sites, boosting its domain authority and relevance in the eyes of search engines—a testament to the power of strategic networking in SEO.

Engage and Retain: Reducing Bounce Rates through Strategic Alignment

By aligning keywords with the ideal landing pages and enhancing these pages to captivate visitors, DMB.SG significantly reduced bounce rates. This focus on user engagement, further supported by mobile optimization and fast loading times, ensured visitors not only found the site but stayed to explore.

Remarkable Outcomes: Skyrocketing Viewership and Keyword Rankings

The results were nothing short of spectacular: a viewership leap to 9,000 weekly visitors and 72 keywords ranked on the first page of Google. These achievements were visually represented in the article through engaging graphics, showcasing the success metrics that underscored the campaign’s impact.

Beyond Expectations: The DMB.SG Commitment to Excellence

DMB.SG’s approach was characterized by professionalism, agility, and an unwavering commitment to client success. This narrative was enriched by testimonials from, highlighting the transformative journey and the exceptional service provided by DMB.SG.

A Testament to SEO Mastery: The Journey of with DMB.SG

This success story is not just a testament to DMB.SG’s expertise but also a blueprint for SEO success. It emphasizes the importance of a holistic SEO strategy, combining technical optimization, content excellence, and user engagement to achieve remarkable results.

Elevate Your SEO Game with DMB.SG

For businesses aiming to replicate’s success, DMB.SG stands ready to chart a course to the top of Google’s rankings. This article, optimized for search engines through strategic keyword use, schema markup, and performance monitoring, invites readers to explore DMB.SG’s SEO Marketing Services and take the first step towards transforming their digital presence.

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