SEO Backlinks | Do follow link Or No follow link

SEO Backlink

Do follow link when you run and develop a website, you are no stranger to you is the term backlink. For example, when referring to Google Adwords advertising, I have to lead a link to the site which is completely normal.

Google algorithm for both No-follow and Do-follow is that the traffic flow of the backlink will greatly determine the value of the link building plan.

The Bots of Google also known as Link Spider, will not follow those link as they are tag with Rel No follow. These backlinks only have advertising and pulling traffic effect.

SEO Backlink | No-follow link

What is No follow backlink? This is a link that does not allow Google to search bots to follow our site. However another interesting fact is that no matter if the link is, so long as the link pull-ed traffic to your website, it is a juiced link which connect to your pages and connecting to the rest of the site.

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Backlink SEO | Do-follow link

Contray to No-follow attribute, the Do-follow link will allow spider to search for the link placed back to your site.

With these Do-follow link, it will considered a backlink point, and will make Google bots to evaluate your website more credible and friendly which indirectly ranking your website search engine.

SEO Marketing | How does Do-follow and No-follow affect SEO

No-follow is an attribute added in recent years to limit the spam content of SEO-er, such as blatant comments linking to unrelated blog posts. Which is almost only worth about 1/100 of a do-follow link (but no-follow links are still necessary for SEO).

Creating your website more reputable in the eyes of Google, will greatly strengthen your website credibility. Backlinks pouring to your website is one of the most significant method used by Google to determine how much credibility your website is.

Building Backlink | The HTML Structure of Do follow and No follow

The Link’s hypertext HTML always has the overall syntax structure:
<a href=”Link path “rel=”link attribute “> text </a>
Rel is a function used to declare link types for Google Spider. In particular, we often encounter the basic types of attributes declared as:
Rel = “Dofollow”: Declare permission to follow links.
Rel = “Nofollow”: Declaring not to allow link tracking.
Rel = “Menu”: Declare this is a menu.
Rel = “Sub-menu”: Declare this is a sub-menu link.
And there are many other methods of declaring properties. Menu properties and Sub-menu of ON PAGE SEO on the page and we are completely incapable of interfering in the process of building out-of-page links (parasites on other people’s pages).

Link building | Which is better

This must be a question many people ask. In theory, the do-follow link helps webmasters tell Google that “yes!”

The link has a no-follow attribute, which means “this! I am not sure about this link, nor is it irresponsible if the website is not good! ”So Google only evaluates the website and increases its traffic, not adding points to it.

It is very difficult to give rate which is better, to be honest it is hard to judge the different.

Link Traffic | Is too much Do-follow link no good

Anything too much is not good. This is a common practice, to everything in life, that applied the same as google. SEO 2019 determine too much of any follow links as “abuse” or “spam”. Building a quality website, with healthy blogs and quality content will ease your way to google ranking.

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