Social Media Management Package

Social Media Management Package

Social media management can assist you in automating the processes of developing, scheduling, analyzing, listening, and engaging with information shared on social media platforms.

Digital Media Marketing | How can it benefit you!

  1. You can target the local audience, also the international one.
  2. The audience can choose how they receive your content
  3. There’s a possibility of reaction between your audience
  4. Digital Marketing is Cost Efficient
  5. Data are easily recorded
  6. Level playing field
  7. Real time results
  8. Brand Development
  9. Viral

All social media management needs to save time, increase productivity, and tap into the audience’s potential.

Social Media Platform | Suitable for what client?

An important thing to remember is, it must be easy and cost effective to reach the target audience
and meet the client’s goals/objective for the marketing campaign with the platform or method you use.

Example: A company that does roofing. So, you want to get your adverts in front of people who needs roofing,
or their roof repaired. If you do this type of adverts on FB, you need to target people’s interest.
But what kind of interest would a person like on FB to be in the category that will be a target for your adverts?
It’s difficult to get the correct target audience for this type of business through FB.

The right platform will be to use Google AdWords. By using the keyword targeting, you would be targeting the people
who search the word “roof, roofing, roof repair, roof fix”. This will give you a better result and you would be able
to reach the correct audience the client wants.

Various Social Media Platforms | Who are they?


Fb and created Facebook Pixel. The tracking pixel allows you to monitor how successful your Facebook Ads were, hence giving you or your clients a more accurate conversion rates to create custom audiences based on site traffic. The target audience will most likely be the young working adults to experience working adults.
Facebook is a great place for business to speak to individuals and also creating the vibes in the social media work. They are the leading social media platform by far, and they have billions of users as well.


YouTube is designed for Video sharing. It has millions of users around the world and beating their competitors with a very big margin.

YouTube is created in 2005 with the intent to allow people to post and share videos about their favourite clips, songs, and video. Keeping and storing it as memories, however it starts to grow well as company uses it to market and promote their products with videos.

Viral Video becoming common these days as people start to share the interesting videos to their friends with just a few clicks, just like the name Viral, it will spread like wildfire to all your possible clients.


LinkedIn is a social network designed for businesses, like Facebook however they are targeting professional that post and cultivate their social media account as a CV. Their posting are mainly business centric and related, which is different from other social media which sometimes can be funny. Your network of “friends” can be of someone from your same industry or similar interests, or potentially your customer.

Companies create LinkedIn profile for a several reasons such as, looking for professional hiring, branding your company as an industry expert, creating new product lines.

Google My Business

Google My Business (Also known as GMB) is best for local company which are looking locally grounded customers. Business such as GYM, Flora Shop, or any local services providers. This Social Media tools enhance your local search which allows viewers to find you base on their location.

Keeping your GMB updated also allow your SEO ranking to boost as they are often found on google search.

With top Digital Marketing Buzz, you can improve your social media management, manage numerous networks and profiles, and track the success of your campaign that makes Social media management analytics effective.

Social Media Packages | Who should use them?

Business Owners who are too packed with their work and yet want the company to connect with their customers.
With a small amount of money, you can now focus on your products, and sales while the engagement work will be taken care of by us.

Business Owners who have great ideas but lack of creative hands, they can now gather the latest Trend and holidays,
and plan the posting a month ahead, so you are always ahead of your competitors.

Business Owner that wants their customers to be consistently updated with their products and status of the business
to manage your reputation in the social world so that you have more time to grow your business.

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Social Media Strategist | How can they helped you?

The Social Media Strategist will come in with their ability to understand the customer needs and want.

  1. Choosing the Best Social Media tools to optimize your Brand setting
  2. Identifying the Social Media Trend
  3. Identifying the upcoming holidays and event for your industry
  4. Keeping you looking like an industry frontier
  5. Creating Tags that is valuable and related to your business
  6. Keeping your customers engage with your products
  7. Engaging with your customers as customer support to keep your customer happy.
  8. Sharing your latest post to various groups and social media
  9. Ensure Brand reputation
  10. Keeping your social media account updated

Social Media Management | Why do you need it?

  1. Reach out to a whole new pool of possible clients
  2. Increase awareness in the social world
  3. Keeping your business updated in the social world and keeping your product status updated to your clients and prospect.
  4. Creating Brand awareness and Trust.
  5. Create a community of loyal followers which will consistently talks about your product.

Social Media Packages | What you will get from it?

  1. Increase in the number of followers in the social networks
  2. Proper management of your social media pages and campaigns
  3. Getting the most out of the social media


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