Visual Content Strategy for Instagram Marketing

Visual Content Strategy for Instagram Marketing

Reaching Instagram marketing is not just about gorgeous graphics and photography. It requires a competitive strategy utilizing attention-grabbing visuals. 

Visual strategy is likened to a roadmap to capture, convince, and change audience preferences. Without a visual strategy, beautiful images and videos won’t have a positive effect on your business.

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Visual Content Strategy | Definition and Benefits

In a marketing campaign, planning and preparation are important. When designing visual content for your business, you should take a strategic approach first. With this approach, you can achieve your goals, reach your audience, and drive significant results.

Instagram users are numerous with different operating times. In addition, some algorithms pose a challenge to businesses. A visually appealing strategy works to bring an edge to your business.

Visual content strategy is a smart way to attract more customers. Thus, you can interact with your audience effectively. More precisely, this strategy can target the audience of your business precisely. As a result, your follower growth, traffic, and account conversions increase. 

Given that goal, you can create the most effective visual content to convince your audience. In addition, you can also do auto-pilot conversions. So, does visual content strategy matter in Instagram marketing? Understand the benefits below:

1. Helps with Visual Identity

Visual content gives a more cohesive impression. So it can be utilized as a guideline for your product or service. A visual content strategy ensures posts reflect the look and feel of your business’s Instagram design.

2. Guarantees Business Personality

Instagram marketing involves unique content, so a visual content strategy can reflect that. The implementation of this strategy can guarantee the unique values and personality of your business. So that users can recognize your business more optimally.

3. More Competitive

This strategy aims to drive business goals more precisely. So that it can provide objective results and impact to the business. As a result, your business can compete with other competitors.

4. Build User Interaction

By creating unique visual content, users will be more interested in establishing brand relationships. If you organize it consistently, meaningful relationships with users will be created. So, start posting content by paying attention to graphic elements, colors, fonts, and others.

5. Market Positioning

By market, we mean the target audience you want to attract as potential customers. For example, a monochromatic and minimalist design will determine the product’s premium price offering.

Meanwhile, a bright, colorful design will help the product be more lively and approachable. With these strategic choices, your product or service may be able to attract customers through Instagram.

Steps to Implement a Visual Content Strategy

By increasing brand equity, the chances of successful follower conversion also increase. But how do you get started? We’ve put together some practical ways you can get started with your visual content strategy on Instagram:

1. Utilize Social Media

The more engaging the content format, the more likely users are to absorb the information being shared. Visual content marketing is based on the principle of social media richness. Although the media formats are different, the content must communicate information coherently.

  • Face-to-face communication is at the top of the scale, while text-based content is at the bottom.  To rank media formats, you can judge them based on the four main criteria below:
  • Capacity for personal focus: Consider that the post addresses the specific needs, aspirations, and challenges of your target audience.
  • Feedback approach: It’s a good idea to consider the possibility of a two-way conversation. For example, Instagram Story encourages users to comment.
  • Conveyance cues: To convey an idea, you need to mix different formats. Such as text, images, videos, and other graphical elements.
  • Language variety: Make sure the post has a natural, authentic, and memorable language.

2. Building Brand Equity

How do users react to your Instagram content? Because it becomes the core of brand equity. In other words, the more users react positively, the higher the interest in buying your business.

However, if users have a negative reaction, then it is unlikely that the intention to buy exists. So, how to improve brand equity? Consider the following four elements:

  • Salience: How deeply do users know and recognize your brand?
  • Performance: How well does the content perform in capturing the essence of your brand?
  • Assessment: How do users react to your brand?
  • Resonance: How much does the user relate to your brand?

Every interaction between the user and the brand will determine loyalty to the business. Positive interactions will score big points for the brand, while negative interactions degrade the essence of the brand. In the context of visual content strategy, brand equity is needed and is based on the following two things:

  • The level of visual identity in growing brand awareness is well. So, the visual content should create unique and consistent posts for the business.
  • Creating a good customer experience from visual content. This means that the visual content should be strongly designed to serve the audience’s wants and needs. So that it can lead users to find and buy products.

3. Increase Purchase Value

Let’s explore ways to create visual content that influences purchase intent:

  • Build audience trust: Trust is important in buyer behavior. Create visual content that is informative and builds positive interactions with your followers.
  • Leverage reviews: Most people will be influenced by the posts of their family, friends, and close acquaintances. Encourage content to get positive feedback across various online platforms.
  • Ease the path to purchase: Make sure the transaction system has no barriers in the conversion process. Because it is possible that users do not buy.

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