Voice Search and SEO in 2024

Voice Search and SEO in 2024

As the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) landscape continues to evolve, the presence of voice search is changing the way of interaction. By 2024, voice search technology will continue to be prominent. Thus building a new SEO strategy in the business industry.

To be competitive, you need to understand the dynamics of voice search and its use for SEO. In this article, we will learn how voice search and SEO are interconnected. Let’s take a look at the information together!

Evolution of Voice Search Technology

Since it was first introduced, voice search tools have undergone many developments. One of the reasons for the significant development is the massive support. This support comes from advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP).

In 2024, virtual assistants are becoming more sophisticated. This makes smart speakers prevalent. As such, consumers can integrate them into their daily lives. 

This tool is highly functional for finding information, making inquiries, making transactions, and so on. The use of voice search is highly favored by many users. Because the interaction is easy to do!

Voice Search Trends in 2024

If we look at the 2024 trends, we can guess that voice search is shaping the SEO landscape. Thus building challenges and opportunities for businesses.

1. Conversational Questions

Search engine users tend to ask questions that are more conversational in style. However, they still expect relevant and accurate responses. 

Therefore, SEO strategies must adapt to this change. This is done by targeting the most relevant long-tail keywords and natural language patterns.

2. Local Intent and Micro-Moments

Mobile devices will continue to expand, so voice search is more focused on local intent. In other words, users will search for information “near me”. Through local SEO optimization and using micro-moments, a business can attract local customers.

3. Featured Snippets and Zero Position

When you get a place on the featured snippet, you also get zero position. That’s very important in voice search optimization. With structured content and short answers to common questions, a website can stand a chance of ranking high in voice search results.

4. Structured Data Markup

By using structured data markup, search engines can understand and recognize content better. Thus, the visibility of voice search results also increases. 

Several information markers can be used. Such as FAQs, events, and product/service details. So that it can increase the chances of appearing in voice search snippets.

Tips for Optimizing SEO Strategy in Voice Search

You can do the following ways to optimize voice search:

1. Determine Keyword

In SEO, voice search engines also still depend on keywords. If you want keywords to be relevant, then you need to get specific directions. In other words, you should focus on using long-tail keywords. 

This means using keywords that consist of three or more words. For example, “pepperoni cheese pizza recipe” and “best restaurants in Singapore”.

Keywords drive more leads for businesses. Through voice search, people tend to use long-tail keywords to search for their queries.

When choosing keywords, it’s best to analyze the audience’s questions first. So that you can focus on answering questions through voice search. Because voice search is different from typed search. Therefore, considering the use of different words is important.

For example, someone types “pepperoni cheese pizza recipe” into a search engine. But when someone searches for the keywords verbally, they might say “Recommend the best pepperoni cheese pizza recipe”.

However, sometimes users express questions that are different from the keywords. For example, such as typing “German restaurants near me”, but in voice search saying “Where can I find the nearest German?”.

Both searches have the same purpose, but the way they are expressed is different. The second keyword is an example of natural language. When the user searches verbally, the expression of the question is said naturally.

2. Create an FAQ Page

When users use a search engine, the search engine will retrieve information from position zero. This is referred to as the featured position. So the top website will be seen by users in search engine results.

Therefore, you need to aim for position zero to make users see information from your site. The best way to achieve a featured snippet is to create an FAQ page.

An FAQ page is a way to provide information to the audience. So you can answer their questions easily. Answers can be short, so search engines easily recognize them and make them featured snippets. Because useful information is more quickly organized.

To create an FAQ page, consider the types of questions about audience needs first. Determine topics relevant to your business. Think about what kind of questions users might ask.

3. Optimize Local Listings

When users use voice search engines, they tend to search for local businesses. They will ask questions like “Where is the location to visit?” and “Where is the nearest women’s salon?”. To reach prospects, you need to optimize local listings.

Search engines will retrieve website information from the top three rankings in local SEO. When the top three rankings appear, users tend to click on the website. 

You need to complete local listings to achieve high rankings in voice search results. In other words, optimize the name, email, address, phone number, and so on. So that users will be more interested and easy to visit your business.

Implement SEO in Voice Search with DMB

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Voice search is more difficult without regular analysis. Therefore, DMB will help you determine the right strategy to reach the audience from voice search. Contact DMB as the best solution to achieve business profits!

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