Everything you need to know about Youtube Subscribers in 2024 (5 simple tips)

Everything you need to know about Youtube Subscribers in 2024 (5 simple tips)

Getting YouTube subscribers isn’t a secret anymore. In fact, YouTube viewers have increased since the March 2020 global quarantine, and it has become easier to get subscribers on YouTube.

Here are 5 steps you can do to gain massive YouTube subscribers, If you are planning to start your first YouTube channel in 2024.

Consistency is (STILL) the Key

While quality contents would obviously be favored by the algorithm, you still need to upload contents with consistent  frequency. YouTube will looking at your upload frequency when determining whether they should label your channel as “dead” or not. You can schedule your YouTube video upload like scheduling any other social media posts, with tools such as Metricool, Social Sprout, etc.

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Engage your Youtube Subscribers

Audience engagement is still one of the key factors of getting your content viral, and therefore gaining more subscribers. It’s like a butterfly effect or snowball effect. A small number of audience that you’re constantly interacting with could be the very people that would get your contents recommended to other users.

Building community around your brand is also important. It shows that you really care about your audience, thus you’re producing quality content.

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Pay Attention to YouTube Metrics

YouTube metrics would be the guide for you to consider in which way you should improve your contents. You can also perform competitor analysis using these metrics. Doing competitor analysis would give you ideas of what kind of contents your audience would like to see in your upcoming videos.

These are some metrics you should pay attention to:

  • Average views per video
  • View time
  • Audience retention
  • Re-Watch
  • Overall Engagement
  • Traffic source

Optimized your SEO

You also should use the description field to your advantage. You can backlink to your own website as part of improvising your discoverability.

Other than website links, you can also put your social media links, production credits, and CTA to buy some products or services. If you need help to make a successful SEO campaign, well, you’re with the right people. Digital Marketing Buzz is a digital marketing agency that would help you grow your digital presence, gain more subscribers, and more.

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Learn from the pro

Your audience is satisfied by your content AND your products, you will get the benefit from user-to-user recommendation, and thus making more subscribers for you. Again, it would grow exponentially. More audience means more subscribers, more loyal subscribers means more recommendation, and more recommendation means even more subscribers.

You can try these 7 YouTube ads hacks and get ready to be famous in YouTube.

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